Connect2 Terms and Conditions

By accepting possession of the computer, peripherals and software (equipment) identified in this document, I agree to the following terms and conditions: Throughout the term of this agreement, I shall use the equipment in accordance with the Valley Forge Christian College policies on the appropriate use of computer resources. I DO NOT OWN THE EQUIPMENT; I have a "license" to use it only. I AM REQUIRED TO RETURN THE EQUIPMENT TO THE COLLEGE AS DESCRIBED BELOW. I shall not permit any other person to possess or use this equipment. Commercial use of this equipment is prohibited.

  1. I agree to return the equipment to the College at a College determined time in the same condition as at the beginning of this agreement, less reasonable wear and tear, and in accordance with current College policy. I understand that I will not be issued a new laptop until the equipment assigned in this agreement has been returned and accepted and I have met all other eligibility requirements.
  2. If I fail to return the equipment by the due date, I understand that I will be assessed the full replacement cost of the equipment and that I will not be permitted to register for courses at the College until the cost of the equipment has been paid. The College may also withhold grades, transcripts, or diploma; assess a late fee of $15 per day up to the cost of new equipment ($2,000); and immediately locate and repossess.
  3. I understand that I do not own this equipment and that it is the property of Valley Forge Christian College. I must not personalize the equipment with stickers, graffiti or any other type of markings as it may be issued to someone else in the future or returned at the end of the program. I understand that such personalization will result in damage charges that will be placed on my student account.
  4. I understand that the Connect2 Technology Program is a 4-year (8 semester) program. I will not obtain ownership of the second laptop issued until I officially graduate from the College with a Bachelor’s degree and/or pay the required eight (8) semesters of Connect2 fees.
  5. I understand that I will be required to check-in my laptop periodically throughout the academic year, and that I will be notified of the check-in details via College email. I understand that I will also receive other official communication from the College and it is my responsibility to keep current with this email.
  6. It is my responsibility to give written notice to the Registrar's Office and Student Life Office of any change in my status as a Valley Forge Christian College student, as well as any address or phone number changes during the period of this license agreement or until the equipment is returned to the College. These changes in status include, but are not limited to, withdrawal, leave of absence, transfer or a reduction to part time status.
  7. I understand that the Connect2 equipment must be returned immediately if there is any change in my status as a student in good standing at the College. These changes in status include, but are not limited to, withdrawal, leave of absence, or transfer. In addition, students who reduce to part time status must inform the IT Department for evaluation.
  8. I understand that I am only authorized to keep the laptop during the winter and summer breaks if I am registered as a full time student for the following semester and provided that the laptop will be staying within the boundaries of the United States. If I fail to pre-register for the subsequent semester, I understand that I must return my laptop within 24 hours of my last final exam for the current semester. I understand that I will not be issued a replacement laptop until I am registered as a full time student.
  9. I am responsible for loss, theft, or damage to the equipment. I understand that I will be charged a fee for the repair or replacement of any lost, stolen or damaged equipment up to $2,000 per incident. The College has sole discretion in the determination of damages and related costs.
  10. I understand that all repairs must be made through the Connect2 Office at the College. If circumstances make it difficult to have the laptop repaired at Valley Forge Christian College, I must obtain authorization from the Connect2 Office to use another DELL certified repair shop or Apple store prior to any repairs.
  11. I understand that if there is a hardware or software problem with my laptop that the technician is not able to resolve immediately, I will turn in my laptop and, if available, will be issued a comparable replacement. This replacement will become my assigned laptop until the original laptop is returned or until the end of this license agreement.
  12. I understand that the Connect2 Office will only support the standard hardware and software distributed by the College. If there is a software issue that requires the laptop to be re-imaged, the Connect2 Office will only restore College-provided software. I am responsible for restoring any of my own software or data.
  13. I understand that I am required to use the laptop carrying case that was issued to me with my laptop and that I will be held responsible for any damage that occurs to the laptop as a result of my failure to use this case.
  14. I understand that enrollment in the Connect2 Technology Program is mandatory; that there is a per-semester fee, and that failure to actively participate in the Connect2 Technology Program may have an adverse effect on my academic standing at the College. If I elect not to participate I will still be charged a program fee.
  15. Valley Forge Christian College reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions upon notice. I understand this notice may be given via College provided email. Valley Forge Christian College reserves the right to recall the equipment prior to the final return date.

Valley Forge Christian College hereby disclaims all express and implied warranties, including, without limitation, the implied warranties relating to the equipment merchantability and fitness for a particular use. I agree to accept the equipment "as is." In no event shall the College be liable for any incidental, special, indirect, or consequential damage of whatever nature arising out of any claim alleging the College's failure to perform its obligations under this agreement or its alleged breach of any duty.