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Attending Chapel, weekdays from 10:00 am until 11:00 am, is key to being an active part of the Valley Forge Christian College community. Each morning we gather in the Flower Chapel for worship, prayer and meditation on God's word. Chapel services are diverse and intended to help students experience spiritual growth and development. Feel free to explore this page to watch recent broadcasts and encourage family and friends to watch the daily webcasts as well. 

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Creation 2014
On June 25, 30 students, alumni, faculty and staff from Valley Forge Christian College (VFCC) traveled to Mt. Union, Pa., to represent the college and provide the entire media and live video production for the 2014 Creation Festival Northeast. President Don Meyer declared this year “our best year at this most important event.”
With an attendance of over 80,000 people at the Northeast event, Creation is the nation’s largest Christian music festival. In the past, VFCC contributed to the video production of the festival but never as the primary coverage team. This year, however, the team was invited by the Creation organizers to be the main crew on-site. 
The all-VFCC digital media crew produced live footage from its mobile Media Command Center (mMCC) next to the festival’s main stage. The mMCC is a 48-foot, state-of-the-art semi-trailer that houses digital recording facilities, and two soundproof studios that operate independently for multiple recording sessions with some of the most advanced technology in the industry. 
The mMCC is used both as an audio production facility and as a quality video production station. The crew managed the video production from inside the mobile unit using VFCC equipment. Several multi-view monitors and a video mixer lined the inside of the mMCC, providing live and on-site prepared content, with the audience, volunteers and backstage crew displayed on two jumbo screens next to the main stage. The crew controlled all five video cameras recording live footage throughout the event. Doug Smith ’12, marketing office media specialist, and Ben Franco ’09, faculty member of the digital media department, led the video and production team. Smith said, “The festival was a great experience for working under pressure at a professional level.” The crew not only surpassed expectations at a student level but also produced quality work. 
In addition to media and video production, VFCC also showcased a crowd-friendly admissions booth that was comprised of 12 VFCC representatives, including three admissions counselors and six students. Creation attendees converged on the booth to inquire about the college and its 67 undergraduate programs and seven graduate programs. They also received giveaways that included apparel with the new Valley Forge Patriot logo and a VFCC scholarship.  
Admissions Counselor Christian Delcid ’13 had traveled to Creation several years before as a student. He remembered the admissions counselors he had met and their energy and encouragement. Returning now as staff, he wanted to approach students in the same manner. “It takes you back to a time when someone did that for you and sparked something in your spirit that motivated you to become a student at VFCC,” he said. “To know that I am doing the same is incredible.” The team was available beginning at 7 a.m. each day, interacting with thousands of students, parents and pastors. Each night, the team would return to its campsite well past midnight before getting some rest and doing it again the next day.
On account of the work presented, VFCC was invited to two more Creation events. The VFCC crew traveled to Willmar, Minn. to the site of the 33rd Annual Sonshine Festival from July 16-19. For the first time, the media crew served there and provided video production, while the admissions crew manned another informational booth. From July 30 to August 2, senior and digital media intern, Tim Jackson represented VFCC at Creation Northwest in Washington and provided the daily video recaps for the thousands of attendees. 

VFCC Sponsors Video and Media Production at Creation Festival July 30, 2014
Vanessa Duncan '14
Vanessa Duncan ’14 was a model student in the Department of Music. While completing the music performance (contemporary track) degree program in three years, she became extensively involved in extracurricular activities, especially traveling worship teams. Her experiences equipped her to showcase a variety of skills at her senior recital, perfected by her time in the classroom and on stage. 
Over the course of the 90-minute recital, Duncan performed four original songs, as well as a collection of vocal jazz pieces (the genre in which she enjoys singing most). She did this with the support of a hired band, which included professional musicians and student peers. “I was really excited with how it turned out,” said Duncan, as she reflected on the process of performing with her friends one last time.
Student collaboration also played a vital role in the development of her new EP, "Here is Where." Though all four songs were written by Duncan (one in cooperation with her younger sister), fellow students helped record and produce the album as well as create the cover art for the album. The songs display the teamwork that went into them, as Josh Howard, a former VFCC student and competitor on ABC's "The Voice," joined Duncan on the final track. “This really was a Valley Forge group project!” she said.
After a year of aligning schedules, brainstorming and planning, the "Here is Where" EP hit the shelves on May 1. Through Discmakers, Duncan was able to distribute her music in hard copy and digital formats — using online music services such as iTunes, Google Play, Amazon MP3 and CD Baby.
The first thing listeners might notice is that the music does not bear Duncan’s given name. Hovering over her portrait on the album cover is the word "Jane" — Duncan’s stage name. She explains that the name was chosen because of her affinity for Charlotte Brontë’s "Jane Eyre," which Duncan considers her first real encounter with literature. “To me, Jane has always stood as a heroic symbol of strength, love, hope, beauty, courage and confidence,” said Duncan, “and I want to stand for those classic ideals in the music industry.”
As a result of the recital and the album, Duncan has learned a great deal about being an artist. She has found that, whether or not an album is played on national radio, the music can make an impact. Duncan has received a good deal of feedback concerning the positive influence that her album has had so far. Regarding her senior recital and work while collaborating and producing "Here is Where," Duncan said, “I’m really glad that I had the opportunity to do this as a part of my degree track!” She counts it a privilege and a blessing to have studied and begun her professional development at VFCC.

Alumna's Album Available Globally July 30, 2014
Dave Maracle
Every summer, a tri-tone motor home encamps in the parking lot behind Solomon’s Porch. While those unfamiliar with the site of the motor home might think that its owners are simply passing by on a westward odyssey, they are really here for several months of volunteer labor. What is more surprising is that these hard-working volunteers are actually part of the school’s highest governing body. 
Dave Maracle grew up in Boston, Mass., in Charlestown, one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city. After attending Boston Latin School and The English High School of Boston, two of the oldest public schools in the country and among the most prestigious, Maracle went on to receive his B.S. and M.S. degrees in electrical engineering from Lowell Technological Institute (now University of Massachusetts Lowell).
His time in graduate school was accompanied by work on the MIM-23 Hawk guided missile system; as a student he helped engineers transcribe plans into military specifications. Maracle spent 40 years working with the Hawk system, taking it through various phases of improvement. After graduate school, he was employed by one of the leading defense contractors, Raytheon – the world’s largest producer of guided missiles, including the MIM-104 Patriot and MIM-23 Hawk. His time at Raytheon took him on sales trips around the world and placed him in both American and British courts as an expert witness.
Throughout his career, Dave and his wife Linda always loved to travel; so, when the time for retirement came in 2008, they naturally considered touring the country in their motor home. After all, they had already been serving part-time since 2000 with MAPS RV (Mission America Placement Service Recreational Vehicle) volunteers, an Assemblies of God ministry that strives to help meet needs for construction and renovations. So when they were presented with the opportunity to become missionaries to the Northeast through the RVers, as the group is more commonly known, they gladly accepted.
Since the beginning of their journey as RVer missionaries, one of their favorite stops has been their annual summer stint right here at VFCC — where they each spend over 30 hours a week to help the college with maintenance, construction and office work. Maracle has painted countless walls, finished numerous carpentry projects and helped change the face of the campus. But some might wonder why the Maracles so thoroughly enjoy serving on this campus for three to four months every year. The reason is straightforward.
Dave has been a member of the VFCC Board of Trustees since 2000. Two years after his youngest son, Timothy Maracle ’97, graduated from the school, Dave received word that the board had an opening. When he was officially nominated for the position, he gladly accepted. “This school has been so instrumental in our son’s ministry,” said Dave, “and that’s one reason why we want to continue to support Valley Forge.”
Timothy Maracle went on to complete the Master of Divinity program at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and ultimately entered the United States Army Chaplain Corps, having recently qualified for and completed Special Forces combat training (which required additional approval from the chief of chaplains). He now serves as a Green Beret chaplain at Fort Carson in Colorado.
“In addition to our son and other chaplains, we have seen the ministries that young people go into when they graduate from here,” said Maracle. Facilitating the success of the students is another reason why he serves on the board and why the Maracles continue to volunteer their time during the summer months.
“We want to see the school not just continue to exist,” said Maracle, “but to grow … and I feel what my wife and I can do here is to support the school with our labor and then encourage other RVers to come support Valley Forge.”

A "Maracle" Worker July 30, 2014
Karin McCadam, an assistant professor in the Department of Behavioral Sciences and director of field placement for VFCC's nationally accredited social work program, knows that if you want to take care of others, you must first take care of yourself. Over the past few years, she has learned that crises are inevitable, and in the depth of her own difficult circumstances, she was confronted by an unavoidable question: “How do Christian social workers cope?” 
This November, McCadam hopes to encourage fellow social workers to cope by seeking support and learning to grow in their personal challenges. As a featured speaker, she will present a lecture titled “Defining Moments in Social Work: Learning in the Midst of the Storm” in Annapolis, Md., at the Annual Convention of the North American Association of Christians in Social Work (NACSW). Dr. Debra Brown, director of the behavioral sciences department and the social work program, will co-present with McCadam. The conference, which will bring together members from all over the United States and Canada, is themed “Harbor in the Storm” and will focus on maintaining hope when life gets tough (Psalm 107:28–30).

“Social workers are prepared to help people in crisis,” said McCadam. “That’s what we do! … We’re always looking to help people, whether it’s with personal challenges or social injustice.” She continued, “But just as it’s difficult for people who are in ministry leadership to seek counseling, it can also be difficult for social workers to seek help.”
McCadam looks forward to helping NACSW fulfill its mission, “to equip its members to integrate Christian faith and professional social work practice,” by teaching her peers how to grow during life challenges. She wants them to know that Galatians 6:2 and 2 Corinthians 1:3–4 apply to their professional lives, that they should “carry each other’s burdens” and realize God “comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God.”
“When we work through the challenges we have on a personal level,” said McCadam, “we experience that comfort. We know how freeing that is, how safe that feels — and that’s what we as social workers want our clients to experience.” In fact, she says that this is the exact reason why she started pursuing the profession.
A number of VFCC social work students will accompany McCadam to the convention as event volunteers. She believes that it is vital for them to learn how to successfully overcome their challenges. “They need to build a foundation for how to face personal challenges while they are still in school, because if not, they will have to learn it on the job.” Because they are gifted and called to the profession, McCadam is eager to prepare them for many aspects of social work so that they might be more effective in their ministry.

McCadam to Present Lecture at Social Work Convention July 30, 2014